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Graduation Plan Spreadsheet for BYU-Idaho

As my fellow BYU-I students know, the university’s official graduation planner is buggy and often doesn’t work. To keep my own graduation plan organized, I created a spreadsheet to track my planned and completed courses, their credit counts, and my final grades. Since I’m an Applied Technology student, there are sections specifically geared toward that…

Temptation is a Promised Lie

I haven’t posted a personal thought in a long time, so I thought I would take the option to write about something I studied in a religion course I’m taking this semester. Several years ago I would write a religious post weekly, but I’ve felt less comfortable doing that for a while. This week, one…

Framework Laptop Review

With a new school year coming around, I decided that my unfortunately decrepit ThinkPad needed to be replaced. While I was researching my options (and being continuously disappointed by them), I came across Framework, an upstart company based in Palo Alto, CA, that has an axe to grind about the Right to Repair movement. Their…

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